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3 Life-Lessons Learned Whilst Living in Mexico


I think I jinxed myself. I ended the last blog with “I hope there are no creatures waiting for me”. Well… there was. I moved into an apartment, and it was super cute - the perfect size - but the first night I made a new friend, definitely after a minor freak out. I have never in my life seen a live cockroach and now I have. It was in the bathroom and eventually did take care of it a few days later but it is quite the shocker in the middle of the night. This month felt a-lot more like [...]

3 Life-Lessons Learned Whilst Living in Mexico2020-11-29T23:55:41-07:00

Working in Mexico and Living that VA(N) Life


Well. This month has been nothing short of a dream. There have been so many moments of truly wondering how this is my life, how I got here and reflecting on how all the dots make sense (now)… even though they didn’t in the past. I will also say this month hasn’t come with its own set of unique challenges but all in all, I am so incredibly grateful for choosing to go down this route. During harvest at my parents, I booked a flight to Mexico, by myself. Needless to say, everyone was a bit worried and to be honest [...]

Working in Mexico and Living that VA(N) Life2020-11-04T09:37:41-07:00

Back in Alberta


  Alberta. Let’s start by saying I was not impressed that I was back in Edmonton. The first week back was a struggle for some reason. I was super grumpy, it was cold (and I kept checking Kelowna weather and it was 20 degrees warmer there still) and it was back to the same getting ready for the winter routine. Anyone from Alberta knows the feeling of fall rolling in and starting some serious mental preparation for a long winter ahead. My friend mentioned a term to me, the travel blues…coming off the excitement of a fun trip and back to [...]

Back in Alberta2020-10-09T07:17:16-06:00

Exploring British Columbia


British Columbia, the first adventure while living the VA(N) Life. One province over from home, I’ve only visited BC twice, which is pretty pathetic considering it’s only a 7-8 hour drive from Edmonton. If you want to know what it’s like to be a VA and now live mobile, keep reading. Van life, it’s got its perks and it has its drawbacks.  I can’t guarantee I can convince you to join my van gang (name, yet to be determined) but I can try to convince you to go after what you want in life. We’ve got one time to make life [...]

Exploring British Columbia2020-09-17T10:34:16-06:00
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