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Virtual Team Communication – Why You Need to Implement a System


Virtual team communication is one of the most important things to consider now that more and more teams are going online.  If you lose communication across your teams, you could potentially lose a lot of business.  Why you need a specific tool  When you have a remote team you lose a lot of “normal” methods of communication and have to accommodate for where every team member is located.  By creating specific tools for tasks and a game plan of how they are to be used and when you will create a lot of synchronicity across your team meaning things will not [...]

Virtual Team Communication – Why You Need to Implement a System2020-12-13T12:14:00-07:00

Virtual Assistant Niches


One of the best things about being a Virtual Assistant is that there are so many possibilities out there. Some people choose to remain fairly open and provide many services but others find one thing they really enjoy and are passionate about and go that route.   Social Media Manager  A social media manager takes control of a client’s social media. They develop a strategy based on the client’s goals and execute it and oftentimes continue the maintenance of the account. Some social media managers specialize in one area of social media. For example - a “Pinterest Manager” only looks after a [...]

Virtual Assistant Niches2021-02-22T09:12:07-07:00

5 Red Flags When Hiring a VA


Hiring a VA is a much different experience than hiring an employee. You are working with another established (hopefully) business and so the questions and conversation had in the initial meeting are much different than if you were hiring an employee. This is a good thing, as there are many benefits of having a Virtual Assistant - see our blog that talks about how hiring a VA can double your business.  As this is a big step for you and your business you want to ensure you are hiring the best person to be your next VA - so we have [...]

5 Red Flags When Hiring a VA2020-12-13T11:33:34-07:00

4 Ways To Create a Work-Life Balance


Being a business owner is hard. It comes with a lot of work and oftentimes you can find yourself completely overwhelmed by how much you need to be doing. This can lead to working late into the night and early in the morning, missing out on family events, and eventually burnout. You became an entrepreneur to have something that was yours and something that brought you joy and more time with your family but you can’t seem to find that work-life balance.  Below we share our favourite ways to stop the burnout cycle and create balance.  Stick to your schedule  Set [...]

4 Ways To Create a Work-Life Balance2021-02-07T13:52:59-07:00

The Differences Between an Employee and a Virtual Assistant


Recently we had someone ask us what the difference is between a Virtual Assistant and an employee, so we thought it was a great time to put together a quick blog showing you the differences between the two.   Cost of hiring and more  When you hire an employee you have to pay them for the time you spend training them when you hire a Virtual Assistant you are hiring someone who is already trained in the areas you are looking for help.  Also - when you hire a Virtual Assistant they are subcontractors who will be responsible for their own healthcare, [...]

The Differences Between an Employee and a Virtual Assistant2021-02-01T03:10:43-07:00
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