Virtual Assistant Niches

One of the best things about being a Virtual Assistant is that there are so many possibilities out there. Some people choose to remain fairly open and provide many services but others find one thing they really enjoy and are passionate about and go that route.  

Social Media Manager 

A social media manager takes control of a client’s social media. They develop a strategy based on the client’s goals and execute it and oftentimes continue the maintenance of the account. Some social media managers specialize in one area of social media. For example – a “Pinterest Manager” only looks after a client’s Pinterest account.  Virtual Assistant Niches Depending on goals – some clients prefer to hire someone who specifically works with one social media channel because they are looking for specific metrics on that account and want the best person for the job. If you have an interest in one channel, learn as much as you can, practice, and generate results for that channel. 

Graphic Design 

If you are graphically inclined and love creating visuals then you may want to think about niching down to graphic design. Things like helping create brands, creating content for websites and blogs, or simple graphics are all things a graphic designer will do. Creating a cohesive brand is very important for the long-term growth of a business which is why a lot of entrepreneurs look for help in this area. 

Content Writer 

A content writer creates content in written form for clients. Many businesses realize the importance of having a blog on their website but oftentimes do not have the time or desire to create the content for the blog and one of the most important things when having a blog is consistency. Many businesses look to hire someone well versed in writing to help them keep these things up to date. A content writer can also do things like creating social media captions and info on websites. 


Advertising will never go out of style and it requires a specific skill set.  Not just anyone can go out and create a converting ad. If you are thinking about specializing in this consider taking some sort of training and in a lot of cases you will be dealing with your client’s money and you want to ensure you are getting the best results. Digital advertising can be done on any social media platform or online.

Project Management 

Think of this as the organization queen! You will manage different projects going on within a team. Things like the scope of the project and budget, making sure the team is on track, creating workflows, and more. In a way, you are like the puppet master – placing everyone on a track for success and seeing a project through to completion. You may also be involved in higher-up decisions with the business as you will have a more robust view of the organization.  

Tech VA 

If you consider yourself to be more “techy” this could be for you. Tech VA’s work more on the backside of a business – things like websites and connecting software so that all systems are “talking to each other” properly and nothing is broken are important steps for a Tech VA. Being able to automate processes has become very popular as Virtual Assistant Niches it helps move the business in a more productive direction so that no one is working on things they don’t need to be. 


Making sure your bookkeeping is handled is another one of those very important tasks but if not done correctly can cause a huge headache! If you have previous experience in this area this may be the route for you. 

You may not have any idea what direction you want to go yet and that’s okay – some people know right away based on previous experience and others need some time. Whatever direction you decide to go, just know you are not stuck there forever so take your time, find out what you love and what skills you have and then start to build your business. 

At Canada’s Virtual Assistant we always tell people to make sure they pick a niche they are passionate about. You will always be learning and being passionate about your work makes creating your dream biz so much easier!