4 Ways To Create a Work-Life Balance

Being a business owner is hard.

It comes with a lot of work and oftentimes you can find yourself completely overwhelmed by how much you need to be doing. This can lead to working late into the night and early in the morning, missing out on family events, and eventually burnout. You became an entrepreneur to have something that was yours and something that brought you joy and more time with your family but you can’t seem to find that work-life balance. 

Below we share our favourite ways to stop the burnout cycle and create balance. 

Stick to your schedule 

Set a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Set your schedule for the day and if an email comes in or a text while you are working on something else – leave it alone. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time and if4 ways to create a work life balance you are jumping back and forth from one project to another you are not being effective with your time and your output will suffer.  

Not everything needs an immediate response.

The best way to create a schedule that will work based on the changing needs of your business is to create a schedule for the next day the night before. This way you can take into consideration everything that happened during the day and prioritize the most important projects.  

Develop Systems that help your business 

The only way you can truly escape spending hours upon hours working your business is to develop systems and automation that remove you from the equation.  At Canada’s Virtual Assistant we love using Dubsado to create workflows. Finding systems that you can set up once and automate for months to come can drastically reduce the number of hours you are working in your business doing things you don’t need to be doing. 

Think of it this way – you shouldn’t be doing everything in your business. That’s not realistic and to be honest – it is not going to provide the best results. 

Get comfortable saying no

You can’t do everything and you can’t say yes to everything.  As an entrepreneur, yes, you have to work really hard but that doesn’t mean you should feel the need to say yes to everything and put your work above your mental health. Remember you are only one person. Stick to your growth plan and avoid the “shiny object syndrome”.  Stay focused on your goals and remember that you come first, even before your business. Saying yes to everything will quickly lead to burnout.  

Take breaks often 

Allow yourself to take breaks and take them often. You are no longer constricted to the normal “break times” you once were at your 9-5 so take advantage of it. In a study conducted by “Draugiem Group researchers found, the 4 ways to create a work life balance ideal work rhythm was 52 minutes of work time followed by a 17-minute break”(For the Most Productive Workday, Science Says Make Sure to Do This). For roughly 52 minutes they found participants were 100% focused on their tasks, no distractions.  Maximize the time that you are most productive and then give your mind a rest. 

It takes work to create a work-life balance -but if you put in the work and find solutions that work with your business you can give your mind and body the downtime it requires to function at its best. If you need help implementing any of the systems mentioned above, reach out to us at Canadas Virtual Assistant and let us help!