3 Life-Lessons Learned Whilst Living in Mexico

I think I jinxed myself. I ended the last blog with “I hope there are no creatures waiting for me”. Well… there was.3 Life-Lessons Learned While Living in Mexico

I moved into an apartment, and it was super cute – the perfect size – but the first night I made a new friend, definitely after a minor freak out. I have never in my life seen a live cockroach and now I have. It was in the bathroom and eventually did take care of it a few days later but it is quite the shocker in the middle of the night.

This month felt a-lot more like real life, living in an apartment (not a stunning hotel) and doing life. Work was incredibly productive, started working with some new clients, and maintained a solid social life. Worked out daily (and if a workout wasn’t involved, I walked everywhere daily and almost always hit up the beach.) The sunsets here, are absolutely insane.

So many incredible memories & lessons. Said goodbye (for now) to some incredible people I met, felt more energized than I have in a while, and truly soaked in the amazing experiences. I try to fully live in the moment and appreciate it all, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

3 Life-Lessons Learned While Living in Mexico1. Living the travel life & being away from your “real” life (or where your life is based) comes with its own set of challenges and sacrifices. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world, but I did miss my family and friends and some common “luxuries” that we take for granted in Canada. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but being out of your element stretches you in a way you wouldn’t if you were in your comfort zone.

2. I did some surfing and was in VERY shallow water and with VERY small waves, but the power and magic in the water is real. I love being in water in general, always have, but there is something about the ocean that makes you surrender.

3. I learned some bonds you create with people who you have known for a short time are epic. Conversations you have while travelling while meeting very interesting people will change your perspective on life, help you heal things you’ve been battling for years, and will help you move forward in life in such a big way. Some people you cross will massively change the direction and viewpoints on life. It’s also odd, saying bye to people with who you connected in such a special way. But with technology, the people who you want to stay connected with, you always will.

There are so many moments not captured on camera that I am truly grateful for. I am now back in Canada and prepped for a very calm and uneventful December (Covid’s got some good restrictions). There are however, some amazing things that we are working on for CVA and for 2021~ Stay tuned for some exciting announcements.