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Danielle M
Danielle MOwner, Fine Point Writing
What an amazing experience with CVA! Fast, easy, and personalized. I love this company and will absolutely be using them again for all my business and administration tasks.
Juli W
Juli WOwner, Sold YEG
CVA has been instrumental in helping us set up our Newsletter, blog management, manual development, etc. Highly recommend!
Camille W
Camille WOwner, Mobile Massage YEG
CVA has been instrumental in setting up my company. They have helped me set up my systems to run my company efficiently. Definitely would recommend using them!

We are devoted to excellence in support, management and continued development of our business skills.

  • International Focus – Our clients come from across the globe

  • Experience – We are experienced and knowledgeable in business support

  • Industry Excellence – We support entrepreneurs to reach excellence


To support & educate business owners so they can grow their companies and can live the lifestyle of their dreams.

We are committed to bringing you professional support, relevant and helpful information & education that will propel your company and further your mission

We believe in growth, ownership and freedom. The choice is yours to take control of your future and live life on your terms.

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